Castlebridge Surveys

Nick needed to refresh his website to reflect his new branding, developed by Isla Osborne. As the copy  had already been worked up by Fleur Herscott at Phraser  the content of the new site was clearly defined, making it easy to implement the design.

I used the basic Genesis theme for WordPress as the starting point for the site, and made a surprisingly small number of customisations to get the desired appearance.  One tricky aspect was coming up with an elegant solution for making the bullets in unordered lists a different colour to the text. I eventually hid the default bullet and used a base-64 encoded background image to prevent the overhead of an extra HTTP request.

The additional functionality required for the was also simple to implement.  I used the Multiple Post Thumbnails plugin to simplify adding three images to each page, and the WP Gallery Custom Links plugin to enable linking thumbnails in a WordPress gallery to off-site industry publications.