WTF in this context stands for ‘Woman Turning Fifty’, referring to the client, Sandy Burgham. With her 50th birthday approaching Sandy decided to embark on a 50 week project, blogging about 50 new experiences, 50 new songs/artists and 50 wardrobe essentials. I was asked to customise the Delicious Magazine theme  for the the website by Suzanne from The Connector. Graphic design elements were handled by Isla Osborne.

This was a relatively straightforward theme customisation job. If you look at the demo for Delicious Magazine (click the link above) you can get an idea of some of the things that can be done when customising a theme. Colours, images and fonts are some of the obvious ones. For TheWTFProject the aspect ratio of the photographs in the catchup section also needed to be changed so they felt less like looking through a letterbox!

One of the technical challenges was to come up with an elegant solution for displaying the most recent post from each of three different categories (listenup, playup and dressup) on the front page. Unfortunately there does not appear to be a way to get these (and only these) posts in a single query from WordPress. My final solution was able to make use of the fact that Sandy (and her niece) were going to be posting about once a week in all these categories; I made a single request for the 9 most recent posts in all three categories combined, and looped over them to find the most recent in each category.