Sandy Burgham

Last year I had helped Sandy set up her WTF Project blog; this time the brief was for a new website for her business as a brand leadership coach. Isla Osborne again did the graphic design and I built the site using the responsive Flexform theme.

Flexform has a graphical “page builder” interface which allows you to select predefined modules and drag & drop them to produce relatively complicated page layouts. This makes things slightly easier for the developer, but it adds an extra layer of complexity for the client.

There were a couple of nice CSS features in this site. An :after pseudo-element was an obvious choice for rendering the red full-stop at the end of the page title. The red semi-circle with the social media icons emerges from the right of the screen at large screen sizes, but on smaller screens (where it would otherwise obscure too much of the content) it emerges from the bottom of the page just above the footer icons.